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Fulkra (FUL-kra) n. balancing lifestyle and technology. From fulcrum, the support about which a lever pivots, and chakra, any of the seven energy wheels.

When we started Fulkra, we knew we wanted to approach the design and installation of technology differently. Our competitors see only the systems they install. We feel this is myopic. We see the holistic whole. We are less concerned about the individual parts in the system than we are in how our customer will interact and interface with the system and how that will affect the lifestyle and livelihood of our customer.

Technology is a tool, and as any tool, technology can be used for good or ill. We see how poorly implemented technology can disaffect the lives of people. We see the confusion that technology often brings into people’s lives. We seek to simplify things for our customer and use technology to enhance our customer’s lifestyle.

Fulkra is a family. We are a family of partners, associates, and clients that love what technology does for our lives. We are a family that believes that technology can enhance our lifestyle while simultaneously benefitting both the natural world and our pocket books. We are a family that sees ourselves both as individuals and as a part of a larger whole. We hope you will join our family and remain members of our family in the years to come.


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