Speakers are the voice of any audio/video or home theater system. Actors speak to us through the voice of the speakers. Artists sing to us through the voice of the speakers. Whether you need in-ceiling speakers for background music or floor-standing THX speakers for your home theater, Fulkra has the speakers for you.

Speakers come in many flavors and at many price points at different levels of quality. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are ideal if you are building out a new space. Soundbars compliment your TV while delivering improved audio quality over the built-in speakers. Wireless speakers are ideal if your structure is existing, and there is no easy way to run wiring for speakers. Wireless audio is also great for rental properties. Outdoor speakers bring your music to your outdoor living environment, which is great for California where we do so much of our living outside! Outdoor speakers can mount under roof overhangs or on posts in gazebos. There are landscape speakers designed to be staked right into the ground or disguised as rocks to blend in with the landscape. Of course, home theater speakers come in every style. Some hide behind the screen or in the wall, while others proudly stand out on the front stage. Fulkra has installed every kind of speaker, including some that transduce sound through the wall or through the water in the pool.

Like everything we do, Fulkra specifies top quality speakers. We work with the leader in the audio industry, JBL, including JBL Synthesis home theater speakers, the very best speakers in the world. JBL actually manufactures speakers for many other brands. We are also proud to install Sonance for in-ceiling, in-wall, outdoor and landscape speakers, sometimes known as architectural speakers. Sonance not only invented the market, they perfected it. And, of course, we install Sonos wireless speakers. When looking for wireless speakers, there is no need to look further than Sonos. Whatever your speaker needs, and whatever your brand preference, contact Fulkra today.

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