Since Apple brought touch technology to the masses through the iPhone, the relationship between man and machine has become more intimate. Smart home technology can bring that same level of responsiveness and intuition to the home as smart phones brought to the palm of your hand. Automation and control brings intimacy to the relationship between you and the technology in your home or office, whether it is turning on the lights when arrive home from work, turning on your favorite news program when you wake in the morning, or controlling the myriad electronics in the home theater with one handheld remote. Smart home technology brings simplicity to your daily life. Achieving intuitive automation in the home or office requires a lot of planning, back-end equipment, and professional installation.

Fulkra handles your home or office control installation end-to-end, from design, to acquisition, to collaboration, to installation, and to client training. Fulkra's design engineer with over 10 years of experience will ensure your control installation incorporates all the back-end infrastructure necessary to bring order to the chaos of technology in your space. Fulkra will provide all the necessary documentation to you and your other trades to ensure a successful installation. Fulkra collaborates with your architect, contractor, interior designer, electrician, cabinet maker, and other trades for a smooth integration of your control systems. Fulkra will run all necessary control wiring through your home or office to provide the infrastructure. Fulkra will set up all automation control electronics in our state-of-the-art laboratory and test your control systems before implementing on-site. Fulkra will then be on-site minimally for installation to reduce any disruption to your daily life or business operations. Before Fulkra leaves, our skilled technicians will calibrate and test all automation and control systems and provide you with a tutorial on system operations so you understand how your system works.

Whether you are looking for simplicity or bragging rights, Fulkra has solutions for you. Of course, Fulkra provides high-end control equipment, such as automation controllers, remote controls, climate control thermostats, pool and spa controllers, sprinkler controllers, and sensors. What sets Fulkra apart is the professional design, installation, and service that comes with years of experience and a passion for our work.

If you are looking for a smart home, look no further than Fulkra. Fulkra will collaborate with your contractor to incorporate all of our control equipment with all of the technology in your home to meet your lifestyle requirements. Want a single remote or smartphone app to control your home theater? Fulkra has you covered. Want music and lights to come on automatically when you enter a room? Fulkra can do that. Want to control your home technology remotely while away on business or vacation? Fulkra will securely connect you to your smart home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

If you are looking for simple control for your conference room, look no further than Fulkra. Fulkra specializes not only in residential control installations, but also in commercial control installations from the office to retail and hospitality environments. We will integrate the speakers, video displays, lighting, shades and presentation sources with a controller for a clean, simple, reliable, and affordable control system in your conference room. The Fulkra difference? Fulkra is a full-service systems integrator; we will bring all the technology in your office together.

Whatever your control needs, smart home or single-room control, Fulkra has the solution for you in the home or office. Fulkra provides control system design, installation, and service. We don't disappear the day after we complete the installation. Fulkra will be there a month after installation, 90 days later, a year later...we are still here for our clients more than a decade later. When your automation system needs service, Fulkra will be there. Contact Fulkra today and don't forget to ask about our customer care plans.

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