In a broad sense, ergonomics is the applied science of workplace and equipment design with the intention of maximizing productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.   Through the application of basic ergonomic principles, office workers can reduce their risk for developing a musculoskeletal disorder.  As technology advances and the physical workspace shrinks it is more imperative than ever that strategies be put in place to maximize safe and efficient space utilization.  The office workstation should be viewed as a system of integrated and overlapping factors that contribute to health and comfort.  Keeping in mind that our bodies follow our hands and eyes helps illustrate the notion that the chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor, documents, and light must be considered together when striving to create an ergonomically correct environment.   

Fulkra’s approach to a completely integrated system, balancing lifestyle and technology, is why we have trained and certified Humanscale designers offering our customers a truly comprehensive solution. 

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