JBL is the number one speaker manufacturer in the world. It may sound surprising, but the biggest secret in the speaker industry is that JBL manufactures speakers for many other major speaker brands. JBL has the most sophisticated development, testing, and manufacturing facilities in the world. In fact, most JBL speakers are made right here in the USA. In independent testing, JBL speakers consistently lead the industry in audio quality.  We sell all of JBL's product lines, including JBL Synthesis, the world's best audiophile-grade home theater speakers. JBL Synthesis speakers, designed for the most discerning listeners, put you front row center for the performance. JBL speakers are perfect for home theaters and music rooms. We are proud to partner with JBL to deliver you these world-class speakers. For more information about how we can integrate JBL speakers into your home theater, contact us today, and for more information on JBL's industry-leading speakers, visit JBLSynthesis.com.

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