Sonos builds speakers for everyone. Everyone wants speakers in their home to listen to their favorite music. Everyone wants a rocking surround sound system for their home theater. But, some of us live in apartments. Some of us can't afford to retrofit speaker wires throughout our whole home. Sonos has the solution: wireless speakers. Most wireless speakers don't sound good or work very well. Sonos wireless speaker systems do both great. At a much lower price point, Sonos speakers sound as good as hardwired speakers. You can play music to your Sonos speaker system right from your smart phone. With a Sonos soundbar, Sonos wireless subwoofer, and two Sonos wireless speakers, you can convert any living room TV into a home theater at a price we can all live with. Want to add audio to an auxiliary room? It's as easy as installing a single Sonos wireless speaker. We are proud to partner with Sonos to deliver you these innovative solutions. For more information about how we can integrate Sonos wireless speakers into your home, contact us today, and for more information on Sonos' innovative products, visit

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